Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You Are Here

This project's title is "You Are Here". It’s a series of pencil drawings on maps or fragments of maps. I use maps of cities I have been to or I wish I'd had been to, to draw nude figures (usually also fragmentally), and then put a red spot, that normally is used to mark one's current location on a city plan. Sometimes I try to adjust body position to landscape peculiarities, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes body curves can rhyme with rivers, sometimes map is just a neutral background. This is a kind of projection of my vision of my own personality, on a particular place. In this way I can try to adjust my body’s map to a local scene, or I can chose not to.

"You Are Here - Tivat", City Tourist Map, pencil, 2015

"You Are Here - Torino", City Moleskin Map, pencil, 2015


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