This series is a new way of collaborating with my daughter, Chloe. She’s 3,5 years old and a passionate artist. The way she draws in her books, the way she “completes” pictures with a new set of eyes or a mouth whenever she feels like they need it has inspired me to work in cooperation. Everyday I watch her draw to know what is important for her right now, to make cooperation interesting for both of us. I leave unfinished some drawings to make her draw the rest or just ask her to draw something and then use it as a base for the whole composition. 80% of works are portraits of Chloe and surroundings, and 20% are remakes of some well-known masterpieces (Mona Lisa, The Scream, Rublev’s Trinity, etc.) which I think would benefit from Chloe’s intervention . All of them are pencil drawings on paper, with local usage of acrylic priming. They are all quite realistic to bring up contrast between classic drawing and children’s drawing that adds up a new dimension, so that the effect is each time different: sometimes it scares you, sometimes makes you laugh. Shadow: "Dinosaur!" Slide Bubbles: Bathing with Miron: Swing: "Athlets" by Malevich (and us): Magritte: Hands!!! Trinity: Mommy and Leo: At the table Some from Instagram (I'm really sorry for all these poor quality pictures, my camera's passing):

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